Mad Systems is a technology company, and we can do a lot more for you than just basic AV systems. Our AV systems are the best in the industry, and the quality of what we do is impeccable - but don't forget that our professional engineering staff has experience with designing animatronic systems, industrial research and development and designing odd devices such as flight simulators, hydrogen generators and steam-powered aircraft.

Our engineers have also been involved in the design of a stage control system for "Prince", and parade control systems for some of the largest names in the industry. We've even worked on scientific satellite subsystems design. For you, this means that with us on your team you can push the envelope. We can help you with design. We can develop custom software and firmware, design and lay out custom electronics and circuit boards, as well as complex electro-mechanical interactives and other "oddities" that will make your venue stand out from the rest.

Mad Systems is a technology company. We are expert providers of creative technological solutions.

Creative Design

Mad Systems works with designers and fabricators to help select the best technology to design innovative audio-visual systems. We come […]

Home AV Systems

Home AV and control systems are one of our specialties. With experience in complex AV systems, we can help the […]


We provide consultancy on how best to solve audio-visual and interactive related issues. This can involve any part of the […]

4-D to 6-D Theaters

We can add special effects, including special effects seating, to your 2-D or 3-D theater. We can use lighting, lighting […]

Computer Interactive Design

We have in-house computer/interactive software designers that can produce interactives using files that are supplied by your media providers.

System Design

One of our fortes is system design. With extensive in-house experience, the design of a modern AV system is a […]


Mad Systems provides training on the systems we build and install to make sure that your staff has the knowledge […]


There are different maintenance plans that we can offer. These range from planned and scheduled maintenance visits to ad-hoc response […]

Acoustic Modeling

Mad Systems are Bose qualified audio modelers. We have an in-house software solution that allows us to make an acoustic […]

3D Design

Mad uses 3DStudioMax, Poser and Bryce to design 3D objects, varying from models to buildings. We work with architects and […]

3D Scanner

Our 3D scanner is another tool that helps us with the design of our interactives and models. It allows us […]

3D Printing (ABS)

The 3D printer (or Rapid Prototyping Machine) is a device that produces physical objects from our 3D computer files, however […]

3D Milling

Our 3D milling machine is capable of accepting 3D files from our design software, and then cutting woods, special high […]

Electro-mechanical Interactive design

With our various tools and in-house capabilities we excel in the design of electro-mechanical interactives; this includes the production of […]

Virtual Viewer

Mad Systems’ fully interactive Virtual Viewer entertains while it educates your visitors. When pointed at an object of interest, Virtual […]

Dive Presentation

Our best recommendation for one of our underwater presentation systems was by a master diver who used to dive in […]

Pure Water Fog

For one of our projects, we tried to find a water-only fog system. After we got wet, and didn’t get […]

Motion Simulation

With extensive experience in motion base system design, implementation and programming, and over 100 motion base units in the field […]

Interactive Displays

Mad Systems excel at the implementation of interactive displays. Selection of sensors and mechanisms to interface is a key element […]

Special Effects

Special Effects are an area where we excel. From our custom designed proprietary water only fog system and our water […]


We have designed and implemented a large number of lighting systems for our museum and corporate clients, and we feel […]

Audio Systems

We have a lot of audio design experience, and our project and client list clearly shows that. Please contact us […]

Turnkey systems

Our systems, although they might seem complex, are usually designed to be turn-key; there often is only one single button […]

Video Systems

Our expertise in video systems ranging from standard definition DVD to high-definition computer/server driven solutions is second to none.

Show Control

With experience in a number of different show control systems, we can provide any level of show control for applications […]

Virtual Viewer

The Virtual Viewer is the ideal device to educate and entertain visitors in indoor and outdoor locations. Much like the […]

3-D Theaters

Mad Systems can design and install your 3D theaters. We are the representatives for 3D video material created by Swinburne […]

2-D Theaters

“Standard” theaters can range anywhere between a simple projection and audio system to a complex theater that includes multiple channels […]